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Friday, Feb 21,2014 12:34

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Forest fires occur in the afternoon of 23/1 in clumps of forest in Bui Thi Minh Hoang Dong commune , Lang Son city . Sharp flames spread rapidly and cause fire work very hard .
Receiving forest fire alarms , Police Department and fire police rescue Lang Son province has mobilized more than a dozen fire trucks and soldiers and officers to the scene , in collaboration with the Forest Ranger city ​​fire promptly organized .
According to observers , the occurrence of forest fires is 0.3 ha steep terrain , from foothill fires , dry windy so the fire was spreading quickly to the top of the hill . Fire trucks do not reach dangerous scene . Fire forces to put out the fire using manual methods , nearly an hour after the fire is controlled , to prevent the fire spreading to hundreds of hectares of pine forest around .
Cơ quan chức năng dập lửa 
Agency extinguishing function 

Determining the initial cause of the fire, the afternoon of 24/1, authorities said Lang Son province, fires are caused by young buffalo heating fires, causing forest fires. Currently authorities coordinated the relevant units to conduct troubleshooting. 
Reportedly, Lang Son province recently dry season due to weather, low humidity, plus the burning votive goods during Tet and heating fires should increase the risk of fire is huge . In Lang Son province from early 2014 to now has dozens of fires occur.