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Have Questions? We Have Answers Here!

  • What is the Americanstar limited warranty?

    At Americanstar, we work tirelessly to ensure that we are always offering our customers the latest in affordable luxury with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship so you can enjoy your new mattress for years to come. And you can feel confident when you choose Americanstar with our limited warranty that protects your new mattress against manufacturing defects for up to 15 years. Please note that warranty length can vary by model so please reference your mattress law tag and our warranty brochure for details.

    Please note that our pocket coil and continuous coil spring units featured in select models are covered separately by our Spring Unit Lifetime Warranty, which protects these particular types of spring units from manufacturing defects for 50 years. This Lifetime Warranty applies only to these spring units and not to the other materials in the mattresses featuring these units.

  • What does the Americanstar warranty not cover?

    Our warranty protects against manufacturing defects only. It does not cover items such as personal comfort preference, sheet fit, fabric pilling, mattress height differences of up to 1.5”, and damage from uncontrollable forces such as fires, natural disasters, etc. You must retain the mattress law tag for warranty service. Our warranty only covers residential use and does not cover commercial use. Please see our warranty brochure for complete details.

  • What can potentially void the warranty?

    Improper care such as not using the recommended support, exposing the mattress to stains, or misuse of the mattress can void the warranty. We highly recommend using a mattress protector to prevent stains from impacting your warranty. Please see our warranty brochure for complete details.

  • How do I file a warranty claim?

    If you observe a potential manufacturing defect, please contact the retailer from where you purchased your Americanstar mattress to start a warranty claim. Your mattress must be within the warranty period as defined on the mattress law tag to qualify for service. You must be the original and registered buyer of the mattress to file a claim.